Monday, 24 March 2014

Challenge Accepted

One of my sisters asked me to make a baby quilt. Not going to go into the reason she wants it, it's a verrry complicated and slightly sad. However, here is the challenging part, she is not a big fan of my scrappyness. In fact, can't see what my baby sister sees in the Strip Twist, came right out and declared she doesn't see the pattern in it. ( which goes a whole lot to explain why she isn't getting it as a 50th birthday present plus she won't admit she turned 50 last year).  In addition to restraining my pallet, she also wanted the baby's name on the quilt.
This is what I have so far.  The name in the centre will be embroidered. Just auditioning a border here. The pattern is from Quiltmaker, one of their Big Blocks Series. I loved the look when I saw it and the light bulb moment happened when I realized I could substitute the 4, 4.5" blocks that came together in the centre with one 8.5" block and then put the name on it. So now I am off to practice my embroidery, not liking the price I was quoted for getting it done by machine at my LQS.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Terrible Blogger

I’ve been a terrible blogger this month.  I just realized I’ve posted nothing.  Have mostly been working and sewing on the Strip Twist, trying to get it ready to send to my sister. Finished the binding last night and will label it and wash it today. As a break from the Strip Twist, on the Saturday of International Quilting Day I tried the Mystery Quilt on a facebook page.  It was a jelly roll race type and I used up a bunch of the strips I was tired of sewing with from the Strip Twist. This is the end product so far. It was a lot of fun to just sew, not worrying over light vs dark or matching anything.  In hindsight, I would have ironed more. The video I watched on the Jelly Roll Race from Youtube said to just go for it and not worry about ironing between rows, but I have some mini-volcano's that might have been avoided if I’d ironed (I think).
jellyrollrace 001
The Strip Twist, finished and washed. First quilt out on the clothes line this year.