Thursday, 28 February 2013

Pedal to the floor, motoring on

I’ve been keeping off the computer and on the Singer mostly this week. Well except for those days I had to go to my paying job.  Starting to see some finishes or close to a finish.  Got the binding on Thomas, the words printed and sewn into the I Spy,  and ready to sandwich the Tinkerbelle log cabin.

100_2536    100_2537

I love the back of Thomas as much as the front.

DH did a really great job printing out the words


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Be careful who you tell

Now I know - if you like old/vintage machines, be very careful with whom you share this information. Most people do not have the sane appreciation of what is vintage. And some just want to dump their machine on you.
This has happened to me twice so far. My DH has been sharing tales of our machines with his cubicle mate. Thus when this co-worker was cleaning out his aunt’s stuff, he immediately thought of us for her sewing machine.
Hence this:
A 10 stitch, 80”s era Kenmore – made in Taiwan. In a cabinet. It is kind of a neat cabinet, in that it has two settings for the machine. One like the picture with the free arm exposed for use, another with the bed flush to the table. But it’s still a cabinet, a pressed wood . Where the heck am I going to put another cabinet?

The other was the treadle machine DH’s cousin gifted us with as we passed through MA.
I think I can read “New Home” in what is left from the decals on the arm. Not sure what we are going to do with it. Tossing around ideas and the winning one so far is lawn ornament.
Lesson learned. Really, I don’t need another reminder. Keeping my mouth shut.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Busy Weekend


Been very busy here this weekend, but then isn’t everyone’s weekend busy?

The biggest item was the snowstorm Friday. It snowed the whole day long


Here’s a look at my back yard and picnic table Saturday morning. But no power outages here and I sewed and sewed all evening. Finishing the flimsy for the log cabin Tinkerbelle's

logcabinThe centre of each block is a Tinkerbelle fussy cut. It is my first time doing a log cabin and other than a few spots where the light/dark is a little off I pretty pleased with it.


And I got all the blocks together for a Crayon Box, now working on the sashing.

Finally, today we went over the border shopping including a stop at Jo Anne’s for fabric. A co-worker requested a quilt with superman fabrics for a baby. My inclination was to look and see what some of my e-bay sellers had for fabric but DH is a real comparison shopper and insisted on checking out what was available locally. The Canadian chain fabric store had some at $18 a metre. Went on-line to Jo Ann’s and found out they were having a sale on licensed fabrics, so over we went.


There’s a few more faces than just Superman but DH persuaded me that at 40% off it was better to get some to have on hand. Was thinking on doing another crayon box but that was because I was thinking of the 4.5” I spy block for centres. Now that I have yardage to work with I’m considering a “Streak of Sunshine

Monday, 4 February 2013

Basting Thomas

Thomas is on the basting wall.  And now I have to decide how to quilt him.  Thinking about some free motion around the trains and diagonal through the squares.  Or just going diagonal all the way across the whole quilt.