Monday, 28 May 2012

Laundry Monday

Wasn't that one of the captions on the little teaclothes? Wash on Monday. Iron on Tuesday etc etc..
Well, it might not get ironed on Tuesday but the washer is running full tilt through a mountain of clothes. And a great day to hang them out, thermometer said 30C last time I looked. Not really a day for baking but I have a cake to make.
This little one is 22 today and still trying to fly. She is off to the amusement park to ride roller coasters.

Maybe once the cake is done, I can work on this

Friday, 25 May 2012

Busy day but not quilting

A very full day today. Included a shift at work, then home to make dinner  and move fabric for an over night guest then to the funeral home for a visitation. A dear friend's father passed Tuesday and thus the overnighter as we all gather to share memories and comfort. Not much time in there for quilting so I decided to post some quilts that I have previously finished and given out.

There now I feel better.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Off to the thrift store again

I had a comment from Jo at Jo's Country Junction on how lucky I am with my local thrift store. While it doesn't have the low prices on men's shirts or bag sales some of the others blog about, I do find fantistic pieces of fabric there. The same day I found the felt applique kit I also found 4 lengths of fabic

The smallest piece was the 1 yd of wolf print which my hubby declared ugly to which I said of course "if it's still ugly you haven't cut it small enough" Thank you Bonnie K Hunter for that mantra!  The biggest is the mossy green at 2 yds 30 in. The burgundys are both over 2 yds.  In total I got 10 yds for $11. Slicing some off for 2" blocks and maybe leave some large for quilt backs.  But my best find of all has to be what I found there today....

I have been looking for a table for a 1947 Singer we found last summer, but look what was hiding inside this table, a 1927. What a day. The 1927 model is in pretty rough shape. The "Si" has worn off from being grabbed to lift up in place and the wiring is bad so a work in progress for my menfolk. Have to give them something to feel part of this sewing obsession.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Oh no, is it really Tuesday!

This Tuesday I mean to try this applique kit I picked up while thrift storing last week. The weather has been so nice that I have been working outside most of the day, so maybe tonight.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Well, we are not rid of the kittens after all. One of the prospective new homes has backed out. So more of this

and this
The two white plastic buckets are the cat food. Becky and I both went out and bought the largest bags without tell each other.

On the plus side, they like the cat tower and spend a lot of time on it and sleeping in it.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Trying to not quilt

Today is being spent on housework, lots of stuff is getting neglected while I obsess over that Whale quilt. Although between unsuccessful machine quilting yesterday I did get the plants in the ground.
Dug out the watering can and gave them a drink this morning.
These are the herbs. The chives I moved to the box last year and are really taking off. Becky asked for some mint so I put it in a box also.

Last few days for this feeding frenzy. The kittens have all found new owners and will be gone by next Tuesday. They are really good at eating the kibble, so so on the litter box but good enough to ship out. One of the chores today was scrubbing down the mat they are standing on.  Enough computer time, back to work Mary.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Practice, practice

Here is the sample - practice block

Mea Culpa

Okay, all my experience machine quilting with the walking foot does not equal proficency with free motion quilting. And not practicing is just being lazy and cheap. So after a not very good two rows of sine wave, I dug out an old attempt at a quilt as you go project and used that to practice.

Day two

Here I am on Day two of this, and already wondering what to write.
Had great plans to work in garden today after picking out my mother's day plants with Becky yesterday.
However, it is rainy so on to plan B. Which would be to machine quilt the Orca
 It is going slow because I am trying my new free motion foot. and in typical Mary fashion I am doing something new and untried right on the quilt instead of a practice piece.
But I did step away from the machine long enough to go out to the composter and snap a few photos to prove to my sister that I do leave the sewing room at least once a day.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ready for sandwiches

Getting my Orca Bay ready to sandwich, but first I had to sew up the Floribunda blocks that were spread out on my table,
All sewn and can be moved
So this one can come down off the bannister
But first,
Sandwiches for Hubby who just came up out of the basement where he has been on the phone working all morning.

Works in Progress

Since this is Try it on Tuesday over at Jo's blogspot, I am trying to post a blog to link with her.
Here is my try-it on for today, I am appliquing these hand sewn asters on to the muslin squares between my bowtie blocks to make the bowties go farther and expand the quilt without sewing more bowties.