Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Mystery Monday Link-up

I had a great post written for this week's link-up. Unfortunately I can't seem to load posts from Live Writer anymore. I've struggled for a whole day with password changes and settings but can't seem to find where the problem lies. So back to writing directly in blogger, which after the ease of Live Writer seems clunky and sparse.

I did a lot of cutting on Sunday to try and get caught up with clue 4. It turned out I  didn't have as much black in my stash as I had thought. So Saturday I took advantage of a Boxing day sale at my local quilt store and picked up some more.  I did put together a few units for clue 5 to see what they'll look like but haven't devoted much time on them yet.

Instead of Clue 5, I sewed my Big Star blocks together Monday. Our weather called for a storm to hit so I decided to open up the treadle and get some practice. We never did lose power although we did get some nasty white stuff all over the place and I got the sashing on all 4 units.
And got some of clue 4 sewn as the leaders and enders while doing this.
Now that I've gotten this re-written, off to link up with  Bonnie  and see what all the other mystery quilters are doing.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Catching up with the gang

I feel like one of the smallest kids, running as fast as possible but still not able to catch up with the rest of the gang ahead of them.  Well, that's what I feel like most years of the Quiltville mystery. Not so much this year. I have been keeping up ,mostly, with the clues. I just haven't been writing about it. 

A minor setback on clue two when I cut the pieces in rectangles instead of the trapezoids with the specialty rulers. But I recovered from that and still managed to use the triangles I had cut. By cutting of the pointed end, I could line them up on the rectangles and get the right shaped unit. 
I only had to un-sew a few, like the one at the bottom left, which came out a little askew. 

Getting a really interesting assortment of units, can't wait to see what is next. And to see what everyone else has been up to over at Quiltville