Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What I did on my Summer Vacation

Did you ever have to write one of those essays? And try to sum up weeks of sunshine and fun in a page of words? Well, here I go.
Firstly, I didn’t mean to be away so long. But the days just rolled on, without writing a post, and then I saw on Claire’s blog the line under my blog said 5 weeks. Yikes ! had it really been, well yes it had.
Our vacation started with a mad dash out of St. Catharines to get to Portland for the Friday night sailing of the new ferry between Maine and Nova Scotia.
vacay2014 005
It was a lovely boat, the cleanest ferry I’ve ever been on. And nicest smelling. We splurged and took a cabin, so we had a good sleep and were ready to visit friends and family in Yarmouth when we rolled off in the morning.
Not too many banner headline moments, mostly just  being with people we love. A lot of sitting around talking, some swimming in clear cold lake water, a walk around town to see what’s new. And a trip to an antique store we hadn’t checked out last trip.
vacay2014 002
Tuesday we packed up and hit the road to Cape Breton. With a side detour in Avonport to a fabric store I have been following on Facebook and want to see. It lived up to expectations, and the service was above and beyond. When the clerks discovered I hadn’t found just the fabric I wanted, one of them went to her stash in the basement, found the colours I was lacking and cut it for me. Can't say enough about such wonderful people.
Once we got to Cape Breton there was more traveling. My husband and his brother left almost immediately to sail his boat from St. Peter’s to Sydney. This took two days. The second day my sister in law and I packed up and drove to Sydney to meet them. We timed it perfectly, driving into the yacht club just as they rounded the breakwater. The whole point of this exercise was to be ready to start a 6 day sailing race.
And for the next week that is what we did. Everyday was the start of a new race. Well, there was one day of rest, the third day. It is called Race the Cape and is only the second year they have done this.  It was a whole lot of fun.