Sunday, 21 July 2013

What a week

that was.  A whole week of temps over 30, ending with a storm of thunder and lightening lasting over 2 hours. It was so hot even with the a/c on, I moved my quilting sewing machine down to the living room to quilt the Hello Kitty quilt.


Finally finished. I wasn’t totally happy with this so I whipped up a Streak of Lightening in the Kitty fabrics, thinking it would be more appealing.  However, Kitty2 was much smaller and I decided to give it to DD2 for a baby shower she was going to on Saturday.


While piecing Kitty2, I also worked on a Dancing Nine  Patch. Now to finish it off.


Needs an inner border, then the piano key border that Bonnie had for hers. Three co-workers are having baby showers next week-end so this might be for one of them.  I really want to get Easy Street put together this week. I might be ahead enough on the baby quilts to do that.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

We interrupt this quilting for some family time


Tore myself away from the sewing room this week to celebrate this guy’s 21st birthday.


Hard to believe 21 years have passed so fast. This is DS on his first birthday.  Still has that smile to melt your heart.

However, days of piecing have created a backlog of tops to be quilted, so it’s “Off to the basting wall, Quilt Woman” (insert theme music here).

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday sum-up

I worked on quite a few projects this week, none of which qualifies as a finish. But I am seeing progress on some of them.

One thing that absorbed a great deal of my time was hunting for backing for the Calgary quilt tops. I had a hard time deciding and for the Trip Around the World I ended up piecing a back.  It was just too large for a one fabric back.  It actually eliminated one of my on-going UFO, the Geese on a String.  Bonnie had started this on one of her quilt cam’s and I got quite a few together.

TAWBak  The geese were already strung in strips so I cut pieces of fabric to go between to make up the length of the quilt top.  Once I had this together, the box was mailed off to the Matt Sparrow’s studio.



While working on the Calgary tops, I put together these 4’s. Not sure yet if they will become a stand alone quilt or end up as a border. I think I’ve almost finished this batch of 4’s. There were 40 of them when I started.

And I was working on the Princess Quilt because I felt like I have too many quilts due for August and should get some of them out of the way. So it is ready for quilting.

princesses(not in this picture tho, this is just getting ready for the binding to be attached).

But best of all, the most exciting almost finish is the Easy Street Blocks.  All of them done. Now to get the rows together.  That’ll have to wait until next week. easyblks

Friday, 5 July 2013

Piecing up a flood

of donations tops for the Calgary flood relief, that is.  I focused my time off this week into completing as many tops as possible. The final total as of tonight is 4.

The pictures didn’t come out too well, the lighting in the bedroom is horrible but here they are.

The Scrappy Bargello was already mostly done, at least the panels were sewn and just needed cutting and re-sewing. The Trip Around the World by Bonnie’s direction is getting very familiar and goes very fast for me now. The other juvenile tops are a Project Linus pattern that I found but is basically just 10.5 blocks with a 5” border.bargellotaw



Now to get together some backing materials for them and get them in the mail.