Thursday, 14 December 2017

Wednesday UFO update

I almost said that I had forgotten that today was Thursday but that would be untrue. I haven`t lost track of the days, I`ve just been busy. Hanukkah started this week and I had a whole lot of stuff to do to get ready for it.  Thus most of the sewing I have been doing hasn`t been on UFOs but on the string projects and Bonnie`s new mystery. Mostly because they are upstairs in my bedroom ready to sew on whenever I catch a few minutes.
Here`s hoping for better progress next week. Linking up with Jo`s Country Ufo-challenge

Monday, 11 December 2017

Monday Link up

What a way to start a week, two link ups to do. First up Bonnie's Mystery Monday Link UP.
This clue really proved the decision to go with a solid for both my neutral and coral was the right one ( for me at least).  The coral I picked has no right side, so the diamond shape can be cut and flipped either way. Same with the neutral which is almost like a muslin. This means a big saving in cutting time and almost no thought required in sewing , just pick up a piece and sew it.
2017-12-11 11.33.40 I do have to make sure I have an equal number of both but at the moment that isn’t an issue. I just put one through in one direction and the next in the other.
And in between them, I put through a string piece. I have two projects that I am working on with strings. The first is another mystery quilt and that needs the neutral blocks at the top of the picture.  Plus it needs another size going diagonally. I have been working on both
And in the strawberry box at the top of this picture are a whole bunch of shirt strings. I did some cutting of 22017-12-11 inch strips and these are the leftover from the sides . I am using them in a Spider Web quilt from Bonnie’s Free Patterns page. The hope was this would clear out a large amount of the shirts, some of which have been in my stash since I started using shirts several years ago now. However the Spider Web doesn’t seem to consume as much as I hoped and another string quilt out of shirts might be needed. String X maybe?
2017-12-11 11.25.43 I’m not sure how many blocks I will do for this, Bonnie used a 5 X 7 setting which would be 140 of these. I have just been cutting strips of the pinkish fabric into the kite shape and sewing them up. When I finish a bunch, I cut more. There was a yard of the fabric when I started and I just want it gone. The colour didn’t work with any quilt I tried to use it in.  Maybe today I can measure to see what is left and how many more I can get out of it.
2017-12-11 12.17.36
So that was my weekend. We had a snowstorm outside and I just sat and  sewed. I moved these projects to my bedroom machine which a recent rearrangement has placed in front of the window. So I can watch the snow come down and string away. Pure bliss.
Now to link up with  Jo's String Challenge. I’m glad she threw this out there, it’s really given me a kick in the rear to get moving on these.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

UFO update

I finished a whole clue of my current UFO, a mystery from 2015 by Deb over at My Quilty World ,Ribbons of Love.  Unfortunately all I have to show for it is a stack of blocks. Not yet at the point where is starts to look like something.
A whole bunch of sewing left to do, (the blocks on the wall aren't really supposed to go together like that)
2017-12-04 14.08.212017-12-06 20.39.082017-12-06 20.41.21
And I also started a project that has been on the to-do list for a long time. Gifts for my husband’s co-workers using fabric picked up on our trip to Iowa.  They are Packers fans so we found some team fabric and I had been tasked with coming up with gifts using it.
2017-12-06 20.47.18 My thought was a wine bottle gift bag and mug-rugs ,aka coasters, with the remains. The Christmas fabric bag was a prototype to test the pattern. Which was a good thing, the pattern I found had the fabric going sideways. Not a big deal with snowmen, a big deal with the lettering on the Packer fabric. So I figured out how to make it with the fabric running the right way. I also need to get some smaller ribbon. All I could find in my stash of non-quilty sewing stuff was inch and a half, really only needs one inch. So two more things to work on, smaller ribbon and the mug-rugs.
So that’s what I’ve been doing this week, off to see what Jo and everyone else have been doing.
Jo's Ufo Challenge

Monday, 4 December 2017

Mystery Link up–Week 2

I missed the first week of link ups. Went down to the sewing room to take a picture and got totally distracted for the rest of the day and most of the week.
To start off, here are my chosen fabrics. Although Bonnie called for all scrappy, this time I am going for two constants. The neutral and the coral. Mostly because this was pretty much the only fabric I had in coral, and there was more than enough of it. I went constant with the neutral also because it was a large piece of fabric in my stash and I wanted to move it out. Plus when the pattern calls for strips I can pull out my Accuquilt and slice a whole bunch.
20171031_105407 At the time I took this picture I thought I would do constant with all the colours but now have a whole selection of browns and blues.
20171204_113022It feels like I am off to a good start on this one. Clue one is finished and Two is cut and well on the way to being finished this week. Looking forward to the next one.
And now to link up with Bonnie

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Update on UFOs

Really feel like I am making some progress this week.
I got back to the Neutral Jacob’s Ladder. Figured out how to make the few strips of special fabric I had go all the way around the border. Then got a back  pieced for it. And they are all hanging on the basting wall ready to be basted. Except I just noticed one of the border needs a touch up with the iron, so it will have to come down again.

2017-11-29 15.56.45 See the border fabric, it is really unique and I have had a hard time figuring out where to use it. So much so , that I chopped up one length for string piecing. That’s why I thought it was going to be tough to get enough to go around. But I had seven strips and given the large blank areas it was easy enough to put all the cut off bits from the sides onto the top and bottom. The colour was a strange one as well, beige with a greenish tinge and it just happened to match the flecks of colour in the brown border. Looking at it now I can see the backing is obviously too large and will have to be cut down.

As well as this, I also worked on the last border of last year’s Bonnie mystery. And can now cross that off the to-do list. It is a completed top.

2017-11-29 15.49.06So, with two UFO’s off my list, what is next? Another mystery, this time from 2015 and from a different designer.
2017-11-29 16.22.27 Three more clues to go.
Now to link up with Jo and see what everyone else has done this week.
Jo's Country Junction

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Weekly UFO update

This is it, the last two days before the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery starts. And have I finished last year’s?  No. Despite all the good intentions last Wednesday, still not done.
At the moment it is heaped up on the ironing board waiting to have the first border ironed. This was the one I thought was missing the units but found them. After getting that all put together, I had a whole bunch of 4 patches left . Was this another ooopsie ? Back to the pattern to check,  no mistake, there is another border.  So now putting that one together.
2017-11-22 11.11.04

The borders on the Jacob’s ladder were sidelined by a brilliant idea that required finding a specific fabric.  It was eventually found and I might get back to working on it soon.
While I was searching for the fabric I wanted for a middle border, I got totally sidetracked by a shirts project. This is one of Becky Petersen’s patterns and I knew I had cut the centre blocks for it some time ago. But totally messed up the room looking though every bin of shirts for them. 
2017-11-22 11.12.14 Finally did find them in a basket on the shelf.  At which point I looked at the mess of shirts and decided something  needed to be done about them. ( but after I put two blocks together, isn’t this cute? The centre has the pocket from the shirt front. That’s why I couldn’t just cut new blocks)
So for the past three days I have been cutting and sorting and stacking. Plus running some through the Accuquilt strip cutters. It feels like I have made some progress.
Now I just have to get it all put away in some order so I can find fabrics when I want them.
2017-11-22 11.10.49 Not much to look at but they are in specific piles and I just need to cut some more strips before I put them away. I found a whole stash of shirt fronts I had forgotten about and now am thinking of doing some aprons from them.  Or just put them back in a bin until after a few more things are finished. Now to see what is happening with everyone else this week and link up with Jo

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

UFO update

Well, the monster quilt is finished. I was so excited about , I even wrote an extra blog post about it Here .
And today, we seemed to be getting a break in the overcast, grey skies so I threw it in the washer. But by the time it had cycled to the end, the sunshine was gone. Still hung it out to take a picture.
2017-11-15 12.55.37
With that done, the question arose, what to do next. There are so many to finish. But with less than two weeks until the mystery starts the only choice could be the last mystery.  And so I started. Much better starting position this year in that all my pieces were made and I had worked on the sashing pieces over the summer so they were all done. It simply was time to put it all together.
2017-11-14 20.45.57A brief panic last night when I came up short 10 units for the border. But I was pretty sure they were done and just missing in the sewing room. So I undertook to rearrange everything looking for them. And got a better shelf arrangement so the bins of pieces I use frequently are closer to hand than the backings which were taking centremost . Soon enough the missing was found, just leaving a mess to put away. And I hope to be able to report this done by next week.
It might have been today but I got another parcel from the Quilted Twins and it sent me off in a totally different direction for most of the day – borders for the neutral Jacobs Ladder.  Heading back down to finish them off as soon as I link up with Jo.