Thursday, 12 July 2018

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along

All right ! I’m excited to start this. I enjoy taking part in Jo's quilt alongs. Jo's link up
I’ve been distracted and busy with other things these past months. ( Gardens, family, garden, etc. ) But I did get some quilting done.
I believe the last time I blogged I mentioned a wedding quilt I was about to start. Done and presented.
2018-06-12 10.07.03
Asymmetrical Diamond
A simple pattern in two colours, it went together fast. I did this pattern before for a wedding quilt only that time I used 9.5 inch triangles. This time I stayed with the 8.5 inch that the pattern originally called for, making it more lap quilt size.
Another finish was the rainbow bargello I attempted.
2018-06-14 11.48.44
Rainbow Bargello
I was very pleased with the finished quilt. Not so pleased when the friend I had made it for declined to accept it. Oh well, her reasoning was valid and flattering. She said it was too good to give to the persons she had intended it for, they wouldn’t appreciate it.  So it goes.
I also buckled down and quilted some of my backlog of UFOs. The Star Struck by Bonnie that I started back in Feb. 2015. It is now waiting for binding. Plus I finished quilting on the quarter section of the Big Star quilt in Black and Grey that I started back in Nov. 2015.
While those two still need more work, one  other UFO is actually a finish. Bonnie’s mystery quilt from 2012, Easy Street. This one is also hanging as an unfinished top in my header photo. It was claimed as “my quilt” by my younger daughter and languished in the UFO pile. Mostly because I was intimidated by it’s size and there was no hard deadline for it. Then there was a deadline – she was moving away, far away. 1800 km away. ( I know the number well as I just finished driving there and back to deliver her stuff). Time to get quilting.

2018-06-29 12.35.40
Easy Street
2018-06-29 12.35.58
Back of Easy Street
So that’s what I’ve been doing while I haven’t been on the computer.
Now to get my fabrics together for the Double Wedding Ring, I know I saw them around here some where…

Monday, 30 April 2018

Another Monday String update

Whew, this has been a busy week. A lot of it not blog worthy. Nobody wants to hear about my adventures in ditch digging, gravel in-filling and garden clean up. But that’s where I was every non-rainy day.  Some tangible rewards for my effort: puddle area in front of clothes line is no longer a puddle, ruts from wheels in driveway gone, seeds in the ground.
2018-04-22 13.58.032018-04-22 13.58.20To the left, a row of snow peas and spinach, hidden by my shadow, a row of kale. Picture to the right is my garlic that was planted in October. I’m tilling up the area in front where I planted a fall crop of carrots and beets.
For the plants that can’t handle April, we have set up a grow light and started our tomatoes and peppers.
2018-04-30 12.35.19
On the days that it was raining and those seemed to be too frequent, I worked on the rainbow Bargello. With some string units as leader and enders.
2018-04-30 12.09.362018-04-30 12.10.05

My current dither is whether to go on with the bargello, adding another column or stop now and add borders. It came out long and skinny, 33 X 53.5. Which is sort of like a crib blanket size.  It probably needs another stair step unit, and I am just being too eager to get on to something new. That happens, short little attention span in action. And I do have two new projects to get on with.
While we were at a family function yesterday an invitation was issued for a cousin’s wedding. Why a verbal invitation? We weren’t on the original list but are being included as the transportation of my husband’s parents. As in; if you want them to attend,we will have to drive them. So now a wedding quilt needs to be done…. in six weeks.  I have a plan. More about it later, the sun has decided to come out and I need to get outside to do stuff before the rain comes back.
Now to link up with Jo: String Challenge

Monday, 16 April 2018

Update to String Challenge

Looking back on last week’s post I see I was about to sew together all the string blocks I had made.  Did so and found I had 11 3/4 blocks. Looking at them laid out, it did not seem to be enough to call it finished, leaving aside for a moment the last 1/4 that needed to be done. So back to the cutting table for more grey kites.
2018-04-16 14.36.53 These are being made with the Missouri Star Wacky Web papers. I picked up a pack of them during a close out sale at one of my local fabric stores. I thought I could cut the kite shape using Bonnie’s directions but it didn’t quite work, so broke down and bought the kite template from Missouri Star. Depending on the time this package was made, there are either 250 or 100 papers in the pack, either amount is more than I need or will be able to get out of this length of grey fabric.  My goal at the moment is a 4 X 5 setting for which I need 20 blocks of 4 subunits. That should keep me busy for a while.
And if that wasn’t enough, there is the Checkered Past quilt to work on. I sandwiched it and machine quilted along the sashing. Now I am hand quilting inside the blocks. The effect I wanted just wasn’t possible with machine quilting. Well, I didn’t think it was possible without a lot of wrestling with the quilt top and a whole lot of starts and stops. Not what I call fun. Inspired by the hand quilting I was doing last month I decided to do what I wanted by hand quilting.
2018-04-16 14.37.132018-04-16 14.37.56

Basically just a cross hatching of the checkerboard and outline quilting around the pocket and the edge of the pocket square.  One and a half done out of the 20, lots of quality book listening time ahead.
And that’s it for here this week, other than the ice storm over the weekend that has now turned to rain. Puddles every where. Ah spring.
Linking up with Jo’s String challenge to see what everyone over there is up to.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Progress on Strings

Finally a  Monday Link UP where I have some strings to show.
Unlike Saturday’s Block of the Month, which got totally sidetracked. So much so, I didn’t even try and post. We had an  unexpected visit from my in-laws that absorbed most of our time and effort in the afternoon. Then my son dropped in for his usual Saturday visit albeit several hours earlier than usual. He has developed a habit of showing up just before midnight, loading up the washing machine, snacking on whatever is to be found and watching TV all night. Ah, feels almost like he still lived here.  Not complaining, mind you, we both like that he is comfortable coming back to hang out here. The point was, he came early enough in the day that we took him out to dinner. And there went any evening sewing.
Sunday more than made up for it.  I got the back for the Checkered Past all together. This was a twin coverlet I had found with a ruffle around three sides. Once I took it all apart, there was a lot of fabric, but most in narrow strips. So I combined them with a black and white and came up with something big enough.
2018-04-09 11.24.19

At the same time, I finished up the last strip of the giant bargello that I had originally considered for a back. Now intending to showcase it as a front in it’s own quilt.

2018-04-09 11.22.43Just have to find a back for it. Oh wait, that sounds so familiar, isn’t that how I wound up working on this?

And, having gotten hooked on the bargello pattern again, I worked on another strip in the baby rainbow bargello. These are taking time as I carefully select each fabric to eliminate duplicating one in the next row. So a fabric may repeat but not in the very next stairstep. Just a touch nit-picky but I think it makes the finished product look scrappy and not matchy.

2018-04-09 11.31.04And some of you might have picked up on the detail that this bargello only has four steps before the change.
A mistake in math and cutting on the first strip. Some how I got it in my head that 10 inches would give me five sub-cuts. And it would it they were 2 inch and not 2.5 inch. So in the time honoured tradition of " just go with it", I carried on doing 4 sub-cuts.

I know, by now you are saying “ where are the strings? None of these are strings “

I pulled out the bright SpiderWeb project Sunday afternoon and cut some more kite shapes for it.  And by bedtime, I had enough for 12 blocks. So today I am going to sew the 12 blocks together and see now it all looks.

Ta da ! Strings2018-04-09 11.15.39

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Wednesday Link-UP

I have been linking up with Jo for a long time, mostly for UFO challenges.  It has been helpful to have a focus. And I’m sure it has resulted in more progress than I could have made on my own.  However, I’m more than willing to switch over to a general link-up as I’m working more than just UFOs lately. Jo's Link Up
After I finished the Irish Chain quilt for my Sister-In-law, I went back to making a back for my hubby’s retirement quilt.  The first thought I had was to do a Scrappy Bargello. Why? Well, I found another panel already assembled and a big stack of strips already cut. So for a few days I worked on that.
2018-04-04 13.56.33 Then I had second thoughts about it.  And I had a look at the stack of fabrics I have accumulating for backs.  One of them was a twin coverlet in a faux crazy quilt pattern.  After taking it apart, it looked like it would work, with some help.
2018-04-04 13.56.43While I was working on these two items, my hubby put in a request for another baby quilt for a co-worker. The first thing I thought of was all the lovely fabric in the order from Quilted Twins I had just picked up.
And I went flipping through past projects looking for something fast and easy. Coming up with a Chinese Coins using the Crayola fabric supplemented with the Toy Chest 2 from Penny Rose fabrics.
2018-04-02 13.31.17 It came together as fast as I had hoped.
The border looks red in this picture but it is really a bright raspberry. It was so much fun to do.  Now I’m using the Toy Chest fabrics to make a Baby Bargello.
2018-04-04 13.57.15So that’s what I’ve been up.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

UFO update

Happy to link up with Jo’s UFO challenge to report progress is being made on some UFOs. Specifically the 4 Patch Revisited has it’s first brown border attached.  Bonnie had done this as scrappy strips of all sorts of browns, I chose to go with a constant.
2018-03-21 09.50.15 Mostly because I didn’t want to take the time to piece all those strips. This is called Sugar Dot and is old stash I’ve had around for several years. If I go back through the thrift store postings I probably would find that’s where it came from. ( yes from back in Jan 2014) There is still enough of it left ,I think ,for the next brown border. In the mean time, still sewing together the pieced checkerboard border.
And the second success story, the Irish Chain hand piecing project I was finishing for my Sister In Law, finished and ready to bind.
2018-03-21 09.48.212018-03-21 09.49.36

On this one I was only doing the outer red border. She was in full agreement with leaving the outer green border blank. I think I should stitch in  the ditch between the red and green to hold the batting in place, then on to the binding. Her mother had two strips of it already cut in the storage container but they are 3 inch strips. Not a size I’ve used for binding before, and measuring the remaining fabric, I’m not sure I would get enough 3 inch strips from it. So going to go with 2.5 inch, folded in half, sewn down and folded over, it will give a durable edge.
Now, do I dare machine sew between the borders ? Or should I go back to hand quilting it. That would be so tedious to have to keep moving the hoop but it would keep the authenticity of the quilt.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Monday Update

Here we are, it’s  Monday and time for another string challenge update.  And another week of no progress on the strings. Hardly any sewing this week at all, most of my time has been taken up with socializing either with family or others.  A big apology for my whiny post the other day, I meant to go back and erase it once I realized how petty it was but maybe I should leave it as a reminder to myself.  I wasn’t as upset about the fabric as I was about the people who had promised my son that they would come visit and then didn’t, even after repeatedly assuring him they were coming. Ranting about the fabric was a deflection, I was mad because some one was hurting my son’s feelings and I couldn’t do anything about it.

Back to the fabric, I did get a chance to nip downstairs yesterday and get it all ironed and folded in my preferred method.  And I figured out what I’m going to make with it. The idea to redo Pfefferneuse got tossed, then I considered Zuckerwatte . But flipping through String Fling looking for Zuckerwatte I passed by Talking Turkey. BIN2018-03-19 09.50.25GO !
The only colours are red and neutral, this will use up a whole bunch of the reds.
Here they are all ironed, folded and labeled with size.
2018-03-18 11.24.12

And then what to do with the blues, they are a great bunch and deserve their own project also.
2018-03-18 12.04.34The floral’s will go in Becky’s pattern, Elsa’s Garden although the blue and white floral is over 3 metres and could do something all by itself. The stack to the left are fat quarters, the indigo is a metre and the lighter blue is 2 metres.
So…Blue Skies2018-03-19 09.50.45
But first I have to finish something. Anything, just to have a finish, there are too many works in progress to dash off and start a new one . While I was in the sewing room yesterday, I got the first border cut for 4 Patch Revisited so that's a good place to start today.
First to link up with Jo:String Challenge