Thursday, 24 May 2012

Off to the thrift store again

I had a comment from Jo at Jo's Country Junction on how lucky I am with my local thrift store. While it doesn't have the low prices on men's shirts or bag sales some of the others blog about, I do find fantistic pieces of fabric there. The same day I found the felt applique kit I also found 4 lengths of fabic

The smallest piece was the 1 yd of wolf print which my hubby declared ugly to which I said of course "if it's still ugly you haven't cut it small enough" Thank you Bonnie K Hunter for that mantra!  The biggest is the mossy green at 2 yds 30 in. The burgundys are both over 2 yds.  In total I got 10 yds for $11. Slicing some off for 2" blocks and maybe leave some large for quilt backs.  But my best find of all has to be what I found there today....

I have been looking for a table for a 1947 Singer we found last summer, but look what was hiding inside this table, a 1927. What a day. The 1927 model is in pretty rough shape. The "Si" has worn off from being grabbed to lift up in place and the wiring is bad so a work in progress for my menfolk. Have to give them something to feel part of this sewing obsession.

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