Friday, 6 July 2012

Back from Vacation

We are back from vacation, well actually we have been back since Saturday but slowly easing back into routines. Our DD who came with us, picked up a bug the last few days of the trip and almost as soon as we arrived home I started feeling ill. Tried to go in to work as I had a full week of shifts scheduled but wound up coming home the third day too ill to work. A quick trip to the doctor and sure enough she says it is strep throat and I'm now on anti-biotics. Feeling better now, enough that I've been pulling fabric out to plan a new quilt.
Spent more time socializing than picture taking but here are a few of what we did.
Here's the bride and groom cutting the cake.
The wedding entertainment, with the groom in the white shirt.
DD in the back seat, driving to my sister's.

Visiting the lighthouse in my home town

And that was it. A very brief visit with people we love and don't see often enough.

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