Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Be careful who you tell

Now I know - if you like old/vintage machines, be very careful with whom you share this information. Most people do not have the sane appreciation of what is vintage. And some just want to dump their machine on you.
This has happened to me twice so far. My DH has been sharing tales of our machines with his cubicle mate. Thus when this co-worker was cleaning out his aunt’s stuff, he immediately thought of us for her sewing machine.
Hence this:
A 10 stitch, 80”s era Kenmore – made in Taiwan. In a cabinet. It is kind of a neat cabinet, in that it has two settings for the machine. One like the picture with the free arm exposed for use, another with the bed flush to the table. But it’s still a cabinet, a pressed wood . Where the heck am I going to put another cabinet?

The other was the treadle machine DH’s cousin gifted us with as we passed through MA.
I think I can read “New Home” in what is left from the decals on the arm. Not sure what we are going to do with it. Tossing around ideas and the winning one so far is lawn ornament.
Lesson learned. Really, I don’t need another reminder. Keeping my mouth shut.

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  1. Hey Mary, I guess the treadle machine must be in pretty poor condition or you are considering putting out to pasture -so to speak, tee hee?! I have been given some machines like that too. I do my best to farm them out to the appropriate recipients. If they work and I don't want them I give 'um to this gal in my Guild who works with teenage moms on a sewing / quilting projects. They show their quilts at our show every year and it is really inspiring, what she does with these kids! Just a thought...cheers, CW