Monday, 3 February 2014

Final Mystery Link-Up

The mystery linkys are coming to an end and here I am, bringing up the rear.  Very pleased to say I have made more progress. It is much easier to get pieces sew once they have been cut LOL. So a great deal of cutting going on to bring things up to speed. The only units still outstanding are of course chevrons but more than half are done so I put some blocks together.

So far, sew good.
Hiding at the top are the Strip Twist blocks. At least the ones still on the wall. I found a great way to clear off a design wall. Get DH to service my Necchi. I asked him to oil her and of course he had to vacuum first. Next thing I know, blocks are flying everywhere.  On the plus side, I now have a truly random placement of blocks and a clean machine to sew them on.
Strip Twist blocks sewn into groups of four, awaiting further sewing.

The cut off bits of Strip Twist that I had been considering for a 16 patch have been re-purposed. Bonnie posted a link this week that really caught my fancy. It is a 25 patch, sashed with  individual blocks floating on a background ( here is the link Film at Five ). It was love at first sight. No pesky light/dark separations, just random blocks sewn.  The strips of four that had been trimmed off the ends of the strip twists just needed a block sewn to make them 5’s and off we go. Got 5 blocks done already.
And if that wasn’t enough, I un-earthed two more projects while cleaning up that can use up the extra 2.5” pieces. The shaded nine patch and Oklahoma Backroads both have around
20-30 blocks done. So I have them set out ready to go and am trying to do one or two every day I sew. May be by summer I will have enough to do something.
Now to link up with Bonnie and see what everyone else has been doing.


  1. That is a great start to a Film at Five. I hope to see your version when it is finished.


  2. love the celtic solstice blocks...that pattern requires high contrast and you have nailed it....LOL