Monday, 5 January 2015

Final Mystery Link up

It is hard to believe the mystery is over, it seems to be so quick. This past month has just flown. 
I didn’t keep up with the cutting so when the final clue was revealed on New Years Eve, I had a lot of catching up to do. Still haven’t finished all the pieces needed. And I’m resisting putting more than one block together before I get all the  double diamonds done.
mondaylinkup 2015-01-05 001
But here is number one assembled, with one side of the sashing. I really like how it is looking and haven’t been tempted to tinker with any of the colours or arrangements.

Just have to get 57 more double diamond units sewn to put all of the blocks together. Plus 24 more sashing sets done, and 63 more blocks done for the border. That's all, but a major cutting blitz got all the pieces cut, just a matter of sewing them together.mondaylink 2015-01-05 003
mondaylink 2015-01-05 002
My poor geranium blossoms just barely made it to the end and only because I didn't  dead head them when I should have last week. 
This has been a great adventure and I love doing the mysteries. One of the best parts is the group of quilters that I get to visit with along the way. The sharing of ideas and tips is such a great resource, a veritable wealthy of information. The best tip I learned this time was concerning the bonus triangle guide. I learned how to cut one and use it several mysteries ago but this time some one showed how to attach it to a ruler and the light bulb went on.
I  had two plastic 4” squares DH had cut for me for another purpose and weren’t being used. I glued the triangle buddy to one side of them and voila ! So much easier for me to hold onto when drawing the lines and the straight edge won't get ragged with use. I wish I could give credit to the quilter who mentioned this but have no idea who it was. A heartfelt thank-you goes out to her as I was almost going to give up on bonus triangles.
mondaylinkup 2015-01-05 002 
And now to link up with Bonnie over at Quiltville


  1. Still a couple of petals on your geranium! Your block looks pretty, and sewing the units together won't take long now you have them all cut. Cutting always seems to take the longest, to me. Great tip for the bonus triangles - I didn't use that method this time, but that looks like a handy idea to store away for future use.

  2. Nice job on the mystery quilt!

  3. It is looking fabulous, I will be following to see your finish.