Monday, 23 March 2015

Still Here

Waiting for them to reach the islands so I can fly out.
The good news is they have passed the mid-point of the trip. The anticipation and uncertainty of when I go has me reluctant to start anything. So I have been plugging away at finishing the Star Struck quilt. With good effect, finished webbing the top together and auditioned fabrics for the back yesterday
2015-03-22 19.59.44
 It came out ginormous, much larger than I had thought I was making.  Mostly due to a basic math error. Some how I got the number 360 fixed in my head for the quarter units I was making. However, a rather basic multiplication shows that 80 blocks (which is what I was aiming for 8 X 10 setting) would require 320 units. I don’t remember why I came up with 360, that was way back in January in the dark ice age. But I can confess that my 8X table was always my weakest link.
A wonderful bonus of all those stars was of course lots of bonus triangles. Plus I’ve been un-earthing stashes of them all around the sewing room and assembling them together. It makes a nice little portable project to take down stairs and work on while I wait for things like potatoes to cook or kettles to boil.
2015-03-17 11.44.52
Here they all are with their ears clipped and pinned in tens. 1230 of the muliti-coloured, 280 just pink. I kept the pink to one side thinking of doing a project just with them. The rest are going into an Ocean Waves quilt I have in mind, from Bonnie’s free patterns. At first I thought I’d have to scale it down and only do 3/4 size because her directions call for 2124 triangles which seemed unattainable  but now I might just aim for doing the whole thing. The little round container has some uncounted and I”m sure there are more around here in similar containers. If not, there are more patterns in my future that will produce them. Maybe I should work on that “Oklahoma Backroads” UFO…it has flippy corners….or go back to packing.

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  1. That's a lot of triangles! I love your Star Struck quilt.