Thursday, 11 June 2015

Yes, I came back

Actually a while ago. I just haven’t been on here and I’m not sure why. Just couldn’t find the words I guess. First I wanted to write a fabulous post on how wonderful the trip was, but needed the pictures downloaded . Then I was back at work and working lots of extra hours to make up for the time off. Then I was/am quilting like crazy to get the Smith Mountain Morning quilt done in time for the wedding.
But these are all excuses. I just have to accept that I’m a very casual blogger and might never be as regular at it as some of the bloggers I follow. Time to get over my procrastination and get on with it.
First a few pics
The ruins are an old sugar refinery. The island we were on, Nevis, was a big place for sugar in the 1800”s and there were several scenic ruins. Plus a few places that had been turned into hotels or restaurants using the old buildings. These pictures are all from a visit to one of them.  It was a fabulous lunch, sitting on a veranda looking over the empty ocean. Nothing to see but the next island, and after that nothing ‘til Africa ( although we couldn’t see it, our host was fond of pointing that fact out).  An amazing time.

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