Thursday, 16 July 2015

Another Challenge ? Challenge Accepted !

Jo Kramer over at Jo’s Country Junction has issued a challenge. To Wit: finish a project before the Retreat she is hosting on July 29th.  Since I am signed up for this retreat it seemed perfectly logical to accept this challenge. I also wanted to bring something finished along with me for the show and tell preferably the last mystery quilt, Grand Illusion. When she threw down the gauntlet (can’t think of a suitable quilting substitute for gauntlet, thimble?) , my Grand Illusion was neatly stacked in bins all ready for the final assembly. Why was it still waiting? Well when the final clue was released I set them all aside to focus on the wedding quilt I was making as that had a higher priority and actual deadline. Since Monday I have webbed the columns together.
2015-07-15 10.31.15
As is fairly obvious, I ran out of room to work on it up in my sewing room. So today I’ve moved it downstairs to the living room and set up my modern Janome to finish sewing the rows together. The Janome has a setting for  a 1/4” seam but I have rarely used it for  piecing. It’s primary job is to do the quilting and binding. So I double checked the setting with my little guide and even put down a piece of masking tape to keep the edge in the right place. Now to get the pedal to the floor and get’er done.
2015-07-16 13.58.19
Thanks for the kick in the pants to get me started Jo. Linking up with the girls over at Jo's to see what everyone else has chosen to work on.

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  1. All the best for meeting the challenge! It's looking good so far.