Sunday, 21 April 2013

And frustrating day

Yesterday was so frustrating I could almost chew iron and spit nails. I had a plan for the day involving packing up a UFO to mail off to Jo whos  has offered to quilt tops for West,TX . Unfortunately I couldn't find all the pieces ( front, back, binding ). Had everything but the binding.  Which I know I've seen somewhere in the sewing room this month. But which plastic container crammed full of fabric?  Searched any and everywhere. Still no binding.
What I did find was more UFOs.  And decided to try and get one of them to flimsy status.
This is Rick Rack Nines from Adventures with leaders and enders.  A WIP for 3 years. Since I haven't worked on it for at least a year, I am declaring it finished, end of the line. What is, is.  What I really should be doing is organize all these plastic boxes better. Instead I'm trying to empty them.

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  1. Hey Mary, I love that set! I saw a similar set on Jill's (formerly...Frugal) blog and new I was going to use it in some fashion real soon...It's sooo dynamic and the scrappy nine patches add a lot too. good luck with the boxes! cheers, Claire W.