Monday, 22 April 2013

Success !

After work today, I found myself at my favourite thrift store. As  usual I found a few lengths of fabric but I also saw a cute little bookcase.  The idea came to use this case in the sewing room to hold some of the plastic bins full of fabric.

Dragged it home and started sorting and organizing. Beginning with the yardage on the closet shelf and working my way all around the room, down one wall, across and up the next.  And in the far corner, the very end of theCloset line, I found the missing binding.


Where the X is, right down between the cutting table and the extra ironing board.  It had fallen off the cutting table.


  1. Hey Mary, Doesn't that just drive you nuts! Sometimes I go around my sewing room 3 times before I find something I misplaced. Or my favorite; looking for my glasses when they are on my head! lol. But isn't it nice when everything is all tidy and sorted ! cheers, Claire W.

    1. It is so nice Claire, I was even able to use the floor to layout the nine patches when the rows got to heavy for the wall. Never could do that before the clean up.