Thursday, 24 October 2013

Engage Hyper Drive. Full Speed Ahead!

Or something like that.

I have been working at top speed this week, so fast…how fast? Fast enough not to have time to come on here and whine about it.

But the end of the tunnel, horizon, whatever, is in sight.

Wedding quilt: Done. Washed, labelled, hanging out to dry


Shades of Black quilt:  Quilted, binding ready


Last minuet baby quilt for BIL’s godson’s baby: pieced.


All the unfinished stuff is coming with us on the road to be worked on evenings as we travel. Which means a sewing centre to be packed, in addition to the formal clothes for the wedding, warm clothes for the inclement weather we are bound to run into. Boots, coats, etc.

I wouldn’t be so frantic if we were leaving tomorrow as originally planned, however DH and a friend hatched a plan for us to stop and overnight tonight with the friends, leaving together tomorrow for Ottawa. So back to packing.

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