Sunday, 27 October 2013

Lots of Scenery… not much sewing

Our 2013 Road Trip V3 has begun. (insert fanfare here).

The bride and groom of the weekend billwendy

invited friends and family to brunch this morning. So we had lovely last good byes before they fly off and we drove off into the west.

Which gave our GPS a fit, it wanted us to drive east. Much fussing ensued. Corrections were made to the settings and we drove happily down the highway to the border. A delightfully easy crossing, no traffic at all. I asked that we take a break as soon as an opportunity showed itself, and there it was. A plaza not 3 min. from the crossing, with a Lowe’s, JoAnne’s, and  Walmart.  All the things we were looking for.

I got the  paint chips to colour match the fabrics for Bonnie's new mystery challenge,  picked up a few quarter yards of fabric, and DH picked up a few personals at Walmart .

Back on the road, we did something a little different this time. Instead of sticking to the Interstate highways, we went off on the regular roads and cut through Adirondack Park. A little too late in the season for a spectacular colour display but pretty enough to make me consider calling this new quilt an Adirondack Autumn.


All the colours Bonnie has chosen were there, the rust, golden yellows, the green of the pines/spruces and the blue sky.

So lots of thinking about sewing, but didn’t get any done.

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