Wednesday, 22 October 2014

A UFO Challenge

Always up for a challenge, and when it dovetails with what I was planning to do that is kismet. Jo Kramer  at Jo’s  Country Junction issued a UFO challenge to finish something while waiting for the Grand Illusion Mystery and that is what I have been trying to do this week.
Number one for me was to get last years mystery completed. Well, so far I have it up on the basting wall and have sprayed it with basting spray. Just need to get some safety pins in it before taking down to living room to quilt .
Second was the Pfefferneuse that has been languishing for months. The string blocks were done, I got stalled on the hourglass units. As it happens one of the fabrics I looked for during summer vacation was red. At the time I was thinking about the Double Wedding Ring I had planned to work on during vacation, needing a few more reds and yellows for ends. So I pulled out the new reds and some neutrals and started cutting and sewing. Finished the hourglass units last night while watching Quilt Cam and started putting them together with the string units today. Grand total of 5 done.
Above the Pfefferneuse blocks are the three other blocks I have been working on. Some Split 9-Patches, a few Scrappy Mountain Majesties and at the far left a single Holy Toledo block. Those three will be the third item. The Split 9-Patch is an actual UFO that has been hanging around for over a year, the other two have just been started. I came back from vacation with a couple bags of shirts and started cutting them up
And cutting and cutting, a lot of cutting.  Then it came time to find a place to put all the cut fabric, the bin I had for small bits of plaids had a stack of pieces already cut for the Scrappy Mountains. It seemed perfectly logical at the time to cut a piece from all the new fabric to add to the stack, and while cutting the 8.5” piece, to also cut a 6.5” piece for the Holy Toledo that has been on my Bucket List
It is such a slippery slope into starting a new project, I slide down it with very little effort.
Now to link up with Jo's Country Junction and see what UFOs everyone else is working on.


  1. Like you, it doesn't take much to get me going on a new project. Might be a new fabric purchase. Might be a pattern I see in a magazine or on a blog. Just petting the fabric doesn't satisfy me. Gotta pull stuff to go with .... and as long as it's out why not cut some just to see how it wild look ..... You've been there, I can tell!

    1. Yes Libby, I have been there, many times and probably will be again. A bad case of Attention Deficit Quilting, the new project is so much more interesting.

  2. I've been down that slippery slop lots of times myself..but you know, we can't finish quilts if we don't start them!

    1. So true Jo, I just have to get better at finishing.