Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Short Arm Quilting

Sunday we got the quilting frame set up and Monday I loaded my first quilt into the bars.  It is not a pretty set up area and I am sharing photos of an area of my house that few will ever see. The over-stuffed basement.
front of frame
This set up doesn’;t come with a bar for the batting, rather has it floating between the layers. Which means it is hanging down in the way all the time. I also didn’t have it trimmed to size for the quilt I am doing so there is some excess folded on the side so I can get the clips to hold all three layers. Here is the back where I stand and drive the machineback of frame
You might notice a lack of machine on the trolley.  ( it is really hard to get a good picture of the acrylic frame)
That would be because I burnt out a gear on the machine I was using.
After much deliberation and measuring, we went with the Stylist 514 I have had kicking around for a couple of years.
 After the first two rows, I realized the foot controller was not working the best and was doing either full out, top speed or off. A call to a sewing machine repair guy confirmed that the pedal would need to be replace or a least a part in the pedal. But due to the weather, neither DH nor I wanted to drive to this guys shop and get the part. So I kept going and ended up shredding a gear in the bobbin area. 
Last night after doing an inventory of my machines and figuring out what machine would be second choice, we decided to try the thrift store and see if there was a good candidate available. Value Village had a machine, not a great choice but for $30 I figured it was worth a try. ts750
Singer Touch and Sew 750. On the Vintage Sewing Machine F/B group they are called Touch and Swear or Touch and Throw. Known for nylon gears that are prone to breaking and a timing belt that is difficult to replace but needs replacing. So I might end up breaking another gear on this one.  Or not.  First off, we are oiling and greasing anything that needs it and I am learning how to do the self-winding bobbin.

Then back to this. Some of the worst free motion quilting I have ever done. If I had a dog, this would be a dog blanket. I just keep telling myself it is a learning curve and I need the practice.
And it is better than shovelling this stuff.

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  1. I just replaced a couple of gears on the stylist machine, near the bobbin...a pair of gears that run the whole hook and feed dog assembly. It wasn't what I'd call "easy", but with the help of an online video, it wasn't "hard" either. I got through the whole thing, including timing the machine in about 3 hours. Couldn't have done it without the video though. Have fun.