Friday, 13 February 2015

Successfully finished

I managed to finish the quilt on the frame with the “new” Singer.  And even loaded another. A lot to learn with this technique, luckily I have a lot of finished tops to learn with.


2015-02-13 003

I only wish the back looked half this good, some real tension issues and traveling too fast in places.


Most of my time this week has been spent on this monster. This is only 80 units, it needs 360. So lots of cutting and sewing. It is Star Struck from Bonnie’s free patterns and I am doing it for a client who initially asked me to do a quilt over 2 years ago. Luckily she’s extended family and not too demanding but I have been feeling guilty about the delay, hence the flurry of activity. 

Plus I’ve finally got all the blocks pieced for Smith Mountain Morning and started webbing the top together. smithmtn

Better pictures coming once it is further along. I did have one of it up on the wall but it was on my phone.





The best thing about February is the sunlight, the worst is it’s still winter. If I still cross-country skied it would be a great winter. That’s a big IF


  1. Oh that Star Struck quilt is gorgeous...gonna have to get over to Bonnies Blog and check that out...hee hee...nice finish too! Awesome!

    1. Thanks, it's a really fun quilt to do.