Wednesday, 28 October 2015

is it week 3 already?

I think it is.  Apologies for accepting the challenge and then disappearing. We did a fall trip and for some reason that escapes me now (trying to pack light?) I neglected to bring my computer. The first Wednesday I tried to write a blog post on my phone. Why not, I thought, Bonnie does it all the time. Well, it was a lot harder than I thought to type in all that I wanted to say. Thus my silence. But I was working. Even though I ditched the computer, I packed my 301 and fabric. And I did pull it out and work.
The first part of our trip we went to a wedding in New Jersey. This involved staying in a hotel in Philadelphia. A very nice hotel with a very nice table for me to use.
2015-10-12 08.56.46
I got everything set up and organized and even got some sewing done. Then cousins descended upon us and we went off to socialize.
2015-10-11 14.18.31

Here we are all dressed up ready to leave. After all this time with a cell phone,   I still take terrible selfies

After the wedding ( which was so big almost all my pictures are the backs of the people in front of me) we hit the road for Nova Scotia to see our oldest daughter. She and her fianc√© had moved back to NS at the end of the summer and I wanted to see where they were living and be all motherly on them. The machine didn’t come out for the two days on the road but I did do some fabric acquisition at Mardens, one of our favourite stores to check out in Maine. More later on the fabric, this is supposed to be about the challenge UFO.
When we got to my husband’s brother’s house and settled into the guest room my wonderful sister-in-law pulled out a card table and chair for me to use and I was able to get a lot done.
2015-10-15 22.20.17

So much sew, that by the last night of our stay I had the top laid out and ready to web.  I had a little help with determining the correct block placement. 2015-10-19 15.42.51

I did manage a little more machine time after this picture before I had to pack  up and got the first three colums webbed together.
2015-10-19 16.43.29

Now to link up with Jo over at the Country Junction and report in.Come see what every one has done


  1. HEY MARY! So great to find your blog after meeting you in Iowa! Your quilt is fabulous and on my want-to list. I am trying to push Tumalo Trail to a finish. :) Retreat in a week. . . CAN NOT wait! Hugs, Nell

    1. I saw on Jo's blog that you were trying to finish Tumalo, good luck and have fun at the retreat, Great to hear from you

    2. Hi Mary and Nell!

      Mary, Beautiful quilt. I have the promised goodies packed up and ready to send off to you this week. Did not forget, those darn kids just got in the way.

      NELL, no new projects! Have fun at the retreat.
      XOXO Barb

  2. Yeah!!! I also found your blog, Mary. And Nell commented too!! Great memories of Iowa!! Love my table by the way!! Big hugs to you!! I am putting you in my favorites so I can find you again!!

    1. So glad you still like it. I was worried it didn't work out. Thanks for commenting and I'll try to make it worth coming back.

  3. I love the quilt and the dedication to sew on vacation

  4. oooh lovely quilt....soooo to find my plaids! and marden's is super!

  5. You two are sure looking good!!