Thursday, 8 October 2015

Drawn out of hibernation

Well, I wasn’t really hibernating, I was just busy with stuff like working  that didn’t seem too interesting and not worth writing about. But now Jo over at Jo’s Country Junction has toss out a challenge and I couldn’t resist joining in. For the third year, she has challenged us to finish a UFO before Bonnie releases the winter mystery on Black Friday.  The past two years I have participated by finishing up the mystery from the year before. However this year, I already have the mystery done. See it here.
So off to the bins stacked up around my sewing room to look for unfinished projects. It wasn’t hard to find some. I turned up 15 without even  bringing down the stacks of project boxes on the top shelves. 
Now how to pick just one.
I could just give them each a number and draw (or have hubby draw the lucky winner). Or work in order of most complete and so on down the line and hopefully finish more than one. That's probably what I'll choose to do.
Without further ado, here are the contenders:






I really wasn’t going to post all 15 pictures. These are the top contenders.  A wrinkle in this challenge is that for the next two weeks I will be on a road trip to the East Coast and back. We are off to a wedding in New Jersey this weekend and then hitting the road to Nova Scotia to see our daughter. So whatever I choose has to be portable. Hmm, decisions , decisions.  While I’m thinking it over, I’ll be linking up with Jo and see what everyone else is making.

P.S. The one labeled Star Splinter is actually called Star Splitter from Quiltmaker Mar/Apr2013


  1. You've inspired me to do a UFO for this! Since I have been trying to finish up UFOs this year, might as well make one UFO work for two challenges, right? I will be linking up at some point today. Sounds like it'll be fun.

  2. Well, a hand work project will definitely help narrow the list. Are any of the top contenders hand work projects? Any of these will be good for a finish -- good luck!!

  3. looks like you've got some fun projects to choose from! have fun!

  4. I've never seen the Holy Toledo pattern! Is that from one of the Quiltmaker columns? I vote for it, so I can see the finished quilt. :)

    1. Sorry, I tend to forget that everyone isn't always as familiar with what I've been doing. Holy Toledo is a Bonnie Hunter pattern from Scraps and Shirttails II