Monday, 4 January 2016

Mystery Monday Linkup

What an exciting New Years Eve treat to have the final reveal of the mystery quilt. The only thing that could have made me happier would have been available to sew it up the next day. Unfortunately I was scheduled to work New Years Day so had to wait all day to get at the fabric and see what it made. But once I did, boy did I ever love the blocks. 

 I just put together enough to see the corner. I still have a bunch of units to complete. But definitely eager to get back at them. 

Mostly my week was spent working on these guys. I sewed the stars into quadrants and then sandwiched them to the backing. Given how big this is, I thought doing it this way would make the quilting easier. Then when they are all quilted I'll join them. 

 Another shot of the Allietare blocks. They are so gorgeous, I keep coming back to look at them. For sure they are not going to get sidelined and delegated to UFO.
 While working on getting the blocks together, I dug out another UFO. Back in the spring I started the 4-patch challenge with 1.5'' strips. Looking for something to make with them I picked  4-patch Revisited  from Adventures with Leaders and Enders . I've just been randomly picking away at them all year, not really paying much attention and even forgetting about them after the tumbler challenge started. They came to light again when moving stuff around my sewing room and I decided to give them more attention. 

It's been lots of fun finding colour combinations for these. I can't remember why I decided to use plaids for them other than I had a bunch of strips already to go. Some of the combo haven't been spectacular but I'm leaving them in anyway. 

So that's what I've been up to sewing wise. On the personal side I did get an exciting bit of news also on New Years Eve when we called our daughter in Nova Scotia. She and her fiance have finally set a date for their wedding. This July . . . Seven months from now.... ye gads. I don't know whether to be overjoyed or overwhelmed.
So going over to link up with Quiltville and look at everyone's  pretty quilts instead. 


  1. Shame you had to go to work rather than sew all day! But what you have done looks terrific. Allietare is an absolutely beautiful mystery quilt.

    1. After so many years I've become accustomed to working the holidays so much so that the only time it bothers me is during the Quiltville mystery. Thanks for the compliment, I'm pretty dubious about some of my neutrals so it's nice to get feedback.

  2. Mary, your MQ is coming along beautifully. I really love the black and grey quilts, such beautiful quilting

  3. Your mystery looks great so far!