Thursday, 10 March 2016

Where am I ????

Shortly after my last post we started looking at houses in a two stage plan to downsize and simplify our lives in the final year or two before my husband retires. ( he will have the magic number in a years time but isn’t sure if he will go or stay on longer)

Well the plan got accelerated to warp speed when our agent tipped off his office to our house being potentially for sale. Before we could even get ready for listing, we were sold. Which we thought was a good thing, as it meant we didn’t have to prep the house for sale and could focus our efforts instead on the new house. Oh, yeah, we needed a new house.

We found one we wanted and put in an offer. Road-blocks and detours have abounded, the latest being the most egregious. The sellers want to delay the closing another week as they will be away for March break and unable to complete the paper work. We have already had to set the date back a week in order to get the land title cleared up, now another week. Which gives us very little time between the two sales. We had a wonderful plan where we had a whole month to get renovations done and moved in now….not so much.

So that’s where I’ve been, touring houses,measuring rooms, packing boxes ( 24 from the quilting room and still not finished) looking at new cabinets, and tearing my hair out. Not much room in there for sewing.
But I’ll be back…
And maybe I'll be writing from here


  1. I feel for ya, Mary! Somehow it will all work itself out, and you get settled in. Think positive!!

  2. Best of luck Mary. Moving is never easy. But new starts are so nice!!

    1. Thanks Lane, your words were very prophetic, it wasn't easy but at least it is over and we're starting to enjoy it here