Monday, 16 May 2016

Finding Focus

Tomorrow it will be two weeks since the horrendous fire raged out of control in Fort McMurray. Our family followed anxiously on facebook as my niece fled  the chaos, first south, then when that road was blocked, north to safety.  And in Nova Scotia my daughter and her fiance waited to hear if his mother had gotten out. This disaster touched so many lives in our country. And of course the next day the call went out for quilts.

Since our people are safe and it looks like my niece has not lost her home, I felt the need to do something for someone. The abandoned Holy Toledo came to mind as being closest to finished ( and I could see the box it was packed in ).  But then lots of activities got in the way of sewing. First it was getting this place in order for company so we could have my in-laws over for Mother’s Day. Done and Done ( although the guest bedroom will now need intense work to sort out what was shoved in there when the weather turned bad and we need seating inside). 
2016-05-16 11.12.38.jpgThen it was time to set up the garden since that was my present. Hubby built me raised beds and bought a load of dirt for them. So that took up a day or two.
Next it was time to get Holy Toledo out of the box and try to repair the mistakes. Several days later, I laid it out to see how it was going and found it even worse. Not only several blocks were turned the wrong way again. But due to a lack of design wall, I had several places where the same fabric was meeting up and really bothering me. So back in a box it goes, Hubby says he doesn't see a problem with it and will be happy to have it, just make it big enough to wrap up in.

So maybe another row or two. In the mean time, I'm moving on to the Majestic Mountains pattern. I have blocks already cut for it and a few assembled. Just have to find the ironing board. I'm pretty sure I saw it around here somewhere....

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