Wednesday, 25 May 2016

UFO update

Whoo hoo, I am ready for this update. I have actually been making progress on this. Partly due to an experiment in sub-cutting. While I had my Accucut out doing 2 inch strips for a swap I decided to experiment with sub-cutting the mountains.
It lined up well. The finished HST comes out slightly over 8 inches and just needed trimming up before slicing. This way the cutter does both. It is still a little long and I will have to trim the finished block but I'm happy with the results so far.

Slicing these up really was my bottle neck and getting a faster way to do it has propelled me forward.
And I thought I had a whole bunch done but when I laid them out for a picture I only had increased my stack by four.
But I have quite a few half blocks waiting for the other half to be sewn.
Plus while watching QuiltCam last night I finished slicing the big blocks into  HST pairs.
Definitely feeling I've accomplished a decent amount for the week. Which is good because it all will be set aside for a family weekend as we all get together to celebrate my in-law's 65th wedding anniversary. My east coast daughter is flying in tonight and our cousin from Boston who we stay with while traveling is arriving Saturday and sleeping here. I don't see much opportunity for sewing in my near future. In addition, that cutting station is on my dining room table and will need to be put away. But I'll put that stack of HST by my 301 and pick away at them when I can.

Now to link up with Jo over at Jo's Country Junction to see what everyone else has been doing.
Opps, I forgot to include a picture of the completed blocks again. All 18 of them.


  1. I have one of these started and love the hint to use the accuquilt - thanks Yours are great

  2. Beautiful quilt blocks! It's amazing how little bits of time here and there add up to great progress!

  3. very of my favorite bonnie patterns!