Thursday, 30 June 2016

UFO Update

Yikes, it's Thursday already. I had such good intentions to write an update yesterday but the day just slide away in projects. There always seems to be another thing to do here at "the end of the road". That's the name my hubby has given our new place as a word play on the fact that we are literally at the end of a dead end street and that this is meant to be our downsizing for retirement. 

So the update: I did finish the Scrappy Mountain blocks and got them all sewn together. Even while we were busy with family activities and company, having all the blocks sub-cut and stacked up beside my 301 I was able to put in some sewing everyday. However, the grand total came to 44 blocks which seems a strange number and I was sure I had more squares cut at one time but that's what I have here and now. I choose to go with a 5 X 8 layout and use the leftover blocks to swap out some poor colour choices. Blocks that were too close in value so you could hardly see the mountain. And here it is.

Just needs a border to finish it off. It came out an almost square 60'' by 61''. And for a lap quilt that's ok. But putting it aside for a day or two while I finish a baby quilt. Which is also a UFO. We leave for Nova Scotia in three weeks and I suddenly remembered two babies down there that are due quilts. So this required setting up my basting wall again. Well, not really, I could have basted on the floor or dining table but once hubby saw what I was doing he had to get the cardboard and improvise a wall for me. 
( The box of pop is an essential support) It's only temporary as the permanent wall will be installed in the quilting shed yet to be built)
And then before I could get the machine threaded to quilt this, a call to help with some yard work.
 How could I resist? 
So off to link up with Jo and see what everyone has accomplished. 

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  1. Your scrappy mountains look great!

    There's always a million things to do at a new place. It seems like it will never end sometimes.