Tuesday, 8 January 2019

What? IT’s Tuesday? Already?

Woops. I was so busy sewing yesterday that it completely slipped my mind to blog. What was I so busy with? The final clues of the mystery of course.
It was the first sewing day of the year with the group and I used it to full extent. Pedal to the floor ( actually button mashing ‘cause I took my Featherweight).  Finished putting together the blue/neutral HST and the chevrons. Big sense of accomplishment from both having all of them done and ready to sew, and getting all of them together plus ironed. And I did get all the red/neutral 4 patches made into 16 patches. Well, made into the 24 that we needed. If only I had all the orange string pieces done I could start putting those blocks together.
2019-01-08 11.25.46 Here’s my stack of units in their trays. This has become my favourite way to store completed and working on units. Food trays from Costco, with the lid to seal them up when I’m not working on them. And they stack nicely in the bag that I take to the sewing group. In the middle is the tray of orange pieces with a puny 21 done. I was sure I had more. So, time for a clean up to see where the missing pieces are hiding.
Part of the clean up is getting a handle on the amount of projects spread over my work area. So I spread them all over my bed instead. And organized them by project. Turns out I had 6 things on the go. No wonder I was running out of room to sew.
WIP tabulatedFrom the top left: Show Off; A Day at the Beach; Toy Box Bargello.
From the bottom left: Blue Diamond; Good Fortune; HST Sampler; Talking Turkey.
( Blue Diamond is a Becky pattern that’s actual name is Diamond Row, which I can never remember so just call blue diamond).  Show Off is another Becky pattern that is now a finished top. Sewed the final border on yesterday. 
Now that I’ve gotten them corralled into containers and grouped in their patterns I can focus on finishing.  Blue Diamond is the closes to completion so that will be the goal today.
After I find the orange rectangles I was looking for..  And after I link up  with Bonnie.

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