Monday, 4 June 2012

Very Busy Week

I have been very busy this past week and haven't been posting. After a full complement of shifts at work, we packed up and drove 8 hours to Massachusits for a B'nai Mitzvah. Arrived back last night and have still not touched a quilt or fabric except to wash clothes. But while I was getting things ready to go I did accomplish a few things.
I got another row done on Hopscotch and located the cornerstone fabric to finish the sashing.
I got the rows together on Baby Charmers (a pattern from Keepsake Baby Quilts by Julie Higgins). The first time I attached them the blocks were off by a bit so did some ripping and re-sewing. Still have to finish the green all around and a border.
Finished some more Aster blocks and decided I didn't like them mixed together. Think I will just sew more bowtie blocks on our vacation and maybe do the Aster blocks as a border or even a separate project.

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