Saturday, 30 March 2013

An Unexpected Finish


I’ve been pretty busy with cooking and cleaning this past while but did manage to squeeze in some time for quilting.


This is the Lighthouse Lap quilt I was working on for DH. His father’s birthday was this week and as we wracked our brains trying to come up with a gift, I threw out the suggestion that I could finish this up for him provided DH wasn’t too put out to have “his” quilt given away. Since he want something bigger than lap size he wasn’t bothered at all.

We presented it to him at the family dinner last night and he was very pleased.

Last Friday I gave Tinkerbelle in the Log Cabin  away to her recipient.

100_2551Thus I’ve finished and presented 5 quilts this month. I think I’ll give myself a “Whoop Whoop”  Pretty sure this is the most productive month ever, although since most of these were started in previous months, Feb and Jan have to take some credit.


  1. Hey Mary, Those are both very cute quilts and I think it does not matter when you started them if you Finished 5 quilts in March you get full credit!!! Happy Spring! Claire W.

  2. I will give you a "whoop whoop" too! Great job!