Sunday, 10 March 2013


I had high hopes going into this weekend that I would get two quilts done for co-workers. And perhaps if I had been better at time management maybe I might have. But yesterday we went to my SIL’s and helped install a bathroom cabinet and wound up visiting late. So very little done on quilting.  This morning I resolved to jump right in and get going, yeah like that happened. Finally by 2 I had Superman basted and under the needle


Things were going so well, until I got to the border and had a glimpse of the back,


So frustrated. I don’t want to un-sew all this. What I’m really tempted to do is go back to the cutting board and start over. Throw a binding on this one and donate it. I hate making mistakes and I hate trying to fix them.

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  1. I feel your pain, I've picked out a lot of quilting this week. Between my Brother sewing machine breaking down, & my learning curve with my new Bernina I feel like "un-sewing" is what I have done most of this week.