Sunday, 10 March 2013

Happy Thoughts

Some good stuff to go along with the bad. Thursday DH and I drove into Toronto to meet up with his brother and deliver two quilts to his cousin. I made the Thomas and Princesses for his cousin's grandchildren.  While there his other cousin brought out the quilts I had made for her boys back in the 90’s.  At the time I made these quilts I wasn’t photographing my quilts like I do now so I have very little documentation. So I was very glad to get a chance to take some photos and to see how they have held up to the years.
007From 1992, hand turned applique of Sue and Sam. I still have one of these blocks in my orphans.
By 1994 I was doing fusible applique and sealing the edges with fabric paint. The blocks in the middle are his initials. Other than the puppy losing an eye it’s held up well. I really regret not doing more quilting on these, I just did a basic in the ditch around the sashing.
A really happy visit albeit brief.


  1. Cute quilts, it shows how much you have progressed in your quilting. No regrets...

  2. Thanks, I hope I have, some days I wonder

  3. That's very cool Mary! It's nice to see those quilts held up so well! I always joke that my first baby quilt (made for my first friend to have a baby) has long since gone to the LA land fill. I've learned a few things about structure since then! lol, cheers, Claire W.

  4. mary, looks like they are holding up pretty well...good stitching i'd say.