Wednesday, 5 June 2013

A Rewarding Day


A very rewarding day around here yesterday.  It was staff appreciation day at  my dear hubby’s place of work. You might be thinking, lunch at a restaurant, or ordering in pizza, however when your employer is the government of the province it gets biggie sized. Like convention centre, banquet, trip into the big city. Leading up to this momentous event he had asked me to do a quilt to be auctioned at the luncheon  for the workplace charity he supports. A baby quilt didn’t seem right, too limited in appeal, so I decided to make the Trip Around the World from Bonnie’s free patterns. It’s big, and fast. But would I be fast enough to have it ready for him to take on the day?  Just made it, finished and washed at 11pm Monday.


He reported that they sold raffle tickets for it and the  preliminary tally showed it brought in $200 . Pretty rewarding efforts.

But the main reason my DH was trekking off to this event was to receive a reward himself. A little thing called a 25 year commendation. Here’s the loot he received, a book of photos, a tie tack and a silver loon that he picked out from a list of items. There is also a certificate in a frame but I didn’t get a pic of that. Way to hang in there dear. You made it through all the layoffs, cutbacks and contracting out that took place over the  years.



And not to be left out, I rewarded myself by redeeming my mothers day gift card for these goodies:100_2617


  1. Hey Mary, Nice donation and congrates to your DH on hanging in there! There are some things about getting older that are really gratifying like when you look back and say "I'm here, I made it!! cheers, CW

    1. Thanks Clare, it is so weird to think of it being 25 years. The time just flies by.

  2. Nice job on the Trip Around the World donation, and congratulations to the husband.