Thursday, 27 June 2013

Back from Vacation

We are back and slowly settling into regular routines. It was a great trip, weather not too bad, lovely visits with family, and a ton of fabric that begged to come home with me. (really, it was shouting "buy me, buy me")

First the graduation: 
  A wonderful evening.  We were so proud, she was so happy, just bursting with joy. The only downer was our lack of a good camera, somehow it had gotten left behind.


Tried something different this trip. Usually I take hand piecing or I’m finishing a binding. This time I took along my hand quilting project and quilted in the van.

Everywhere we stopped, I shopped for fabric and sort of got carried away a little.
  But they all are earmarked for certain projects, purples for the Collaboration Celebration in August, ditto for the orange, the black and white for the shades of black quilt, and so on.  The biggest purchase was at a place in Maine called Mardens.  I also got batting there that is not shown in the picture.

First thing I had to start on was the Shades of Black quilt.

Going together well. Next up is the applique flowers. Maybe I'll leave that for tomorrow.

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  1. Looks like a fun trip and oh the fabric! I figure when you are traveling you are entitled to indulge a bit! Congrates to the Grad! cheers, CW