Sunday, 9 June 2013

Sunday Sum Up


A brief summary of the week’s activity :

While working on the TAW I unearthed a multitude of solid fabrics, and chose a few to use. Having found so many I thought I should do a project in solids. Then in the 100 Blocks magazine I found the ideal  block to use.


Here’s the progress so far with four blocks finished. I think I’ll do 12 in a 3 X 4 setting.

On the garden side, the roses are blooming

100_2621( much prettier than pictures of tomato plants)

And an ongoing project is racing to a finish soon. It is my attempt at a Quilt As You Go crayon box, don’t know if I’ve mentioned it. I’ve always wanted to do QAYG since reading Georgia Bonestell , and found a good tute on Youtube that helped with some issues I had.


The blocks joined by narrow white sashing.


The back. Each block has a different  print with a stripe fabric sashing them



  1. oooh Mary, I like all the colors, how very modern of you! It is a really nice block for using colors like that. The rose is very pretty but how are your tomatoes?! I've never done quilt as you go. Does it reallysave time and the back ache of muscleing a whole quilt under your walking foot?! have a nice week, cheers, CW

  2. Yes Claire it is easier to whip the small blocks through the machine. My problem was joining them together and I think I've gotten better at it. The sashing helped. Next time I'm going to do more complex quilting in the blocks. have a good time traveling, loving the museum photos, Ta, Mary

  3. Forgot to credit the Youtube quilter,
    She has broken the QAYG process down in to several steps and demonstrates them quite thoroughly.

  4. nice solids piece, i love working with solids, so much quilting space which i love even more.....

    1. I can so see you doing this with your gorgeous solids. It is block #700...