Sunday, 21 July 2013

What a week

that was.  A whole week of temps over 30, ending with a storm of thunder and lightening lasting over 2 hours. It was so hot even with the a/c on, I moved my quilting sewing machine down to the living room to quilt the Hello Kitty quilt.


Finally finished. I wasn’t totally happy with this so I whipped up a Streak of Lightening in the Kitty fabrics, thinking it would be more appealing.  However, Kitty2 was much smaller and I decided to give it to DD2 for a baby shower she was going to on Saturday.


While piecing Kitty2, I also worked on a Dancing Nine  Patch. Now to finish it off.


Needs an inner border, then the piano key border that Bonnie had for hers. Three co-workers are having baby showers next week-end so this might be for one of them.  I really want to get Easy Street put together this week. I might be ahead enough on the baby quilts to do that.


  1. You've been busy Mary, looks great.

  2. Geez Mary you are just sewing up a storm...come to think of it that is kinda match your climate right now?! lol. I like the dancing nine patch, really puts a new spin on a very old block. I think I might try that! Thanks for the idea! cheers, CW