Sunday, 11 August 2013

Where I’ve been


Haven’t been on my computer lately.  Instead I’ve been busy doing stuff. First it was getting everything ready to go to Collaboration Celebration in North Carolina with Bonnie Hunter and Mickey Depre. I wanted to bring a quilt for show and tell so I had to have one ready. Chose to finish off a crayon box and take it, so that ate a few days. Then there was getting gear together. Since I’ve never gone to a retreat, I was cautious and stayed pretty much to the list.

We left Wednesday and drove down through Pennsylvania to West Virginia staying overnight in Fairmount. I would love to post some pictures of our drive and the gorgeous scenery, however we had rain most of the way and visibility was poor.

So here are a few shots of the fun at retreat.


Had to have a picture of me with Bonnie and Mickey before leaving.

What great teachers they both are.





This is a pic of the project we were working on. Mine wasn’t this far along. This is a trial layout as as she ponders her hexie layout. There were multiple ways to set them




Here’s another in green.

More later as I get the pictures all sorted and uploaded. Right now we’re on our way through North Carolina seeing the sights.

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