Wednesday, 15 January 2014

New Year Sum up and Reflections

There were a lot of posts around New Year’s with resolution type themes and to do lists for the year.  I was thinking the same thoughts but hadn’t gotten them formalized enough to post yet.  And of course being a fully paid up member of the Procrastinators Club (oops, forgot to mail that membership form), I’ve put off actually writing anything.

I thought I needed to make a resolution to finish things because that’s what everyone else was talking about. So I went back through my list and pictures to see what I had done last year. And I don’t think I need to be worried. Turns out I finished 24 quilts last year. That is only counting the ones done all the way, quilted and out the door. I’m not counting the 4 tops and backs I sent to the Calgary Flood Relief effort because they weren’t quilted by me.

Of course there are a great many unfinished, there are 6 flimsys hanging off my banister rail still to be quilted plus more hanging in my closet in the sewing room.  Then there are the baskets of projects in various stages of undone. so  that is my task this year, turn flimsys into finishes and clear out the baskets/bins/buckets.  I’ve started cleaning up the sewing area and organizing the overflowing stacks of fabric, finding more WIP’s as I go, my list is up to 12 at the moment. It is hard to resist pulling them out and working on them. But I am making a giant list on the wall and trying to focus on one thing at a time. Maybe that should be my word “Focus”.

Well, this is a lot of wordage and not much pictures so here is a collage of some of the finished quilts of last year.


Turns out it was a very good year.


  1. Wow Mary, you have been busy! And they are all so wonderful! I especially like the Trip around the worlds andthe yellow churn dash, what grat colors and sooo scrappy, my favorite! I can't really imagine a world in which I start and finsh all project in one continuous motion! I think those tops over the banister are just all part of the process?!! Happy New Year! cheers, CW

  2. You have completed a lot! I think my favourite is the black and white one with pink flowers.