Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Nothing much to show

I’m still poking along on the Adirondack Autumn. More four patches and chevrons to do before I start putting blocks together.
I did get the Framed Nine Patch sashed, just thinking about what I want for a border, if any.

This hardly made a dent in the basket of 2.5 strips. So on to another pattern, this one I didn’t want too do as much matching, something simpler.  A scroll through Bonnie’s free patterns and Strip Twist was the prime candidate. The shortest the strip can be is 9” which means all the discards from the Scrappy Rocket Trips would work. Sorted out the  bin into stuff that is either long enough for a Bargello, long enough for Twist, and anything smaller is getting chopped into square that right now are tentatively scheduled to be made into a checkerboard square.
Here is the basket, with what hasn’t been sorted yet and the first blocks made. Re-reading the instructions, I see these are aligned incorrectly but am not going to set them up again for pictures tonight

And one more impulsive top. For reasons that seem trivial and obscure now, I was inspired to make a Streak of Sunshine top, using all the transportation themed fabrics I had. I thought this was brilliant and would be wonderful for the quilt DH wants for a co-worker. Only two things wrong with this brainstorm; co-worker is not a Ministry of Transportation employee and baby to be is not a boy. In my defense, DH used to work for Transportation, his department amalgamated and now covers several ministries.
I’m all set if one does turn out to be expecting.  What I might end up doing, is finish it and offer it for the charity raffle like I did last year.  Only if it is ready before hand, some advance notice can be given.
So really, not much happening around here, well not much quilting, just piecing up a storm or through a storm.


  1. There is a lot of planning and ruminating going on and sometimes that is the hardest part. I love your scrap quilts!

    1. Thanks Elaine, it is nice to get feed back from other quilters.