Monday, 6 January 2014

Mystery Monday Link Up #6

And here it is Monday again and time to see what all the mystery quilters have been up to. Although it is hardly a surprise to find that I have very little done. I’ve been working away at the various units in little chunks of time, not spending as many hours in the sewing room as last month. This is on purpose, as I am trying to do more elsewhere, like cleaning and socializing with my family, LOL. Plus we are trying to get the fabrics we brought back itemized and stored somewhere other than the living/dining areas.

As I looked at my pieces to put together a show piece block, I realized that there were only two unit 5s. Duh, I hadn’t cut them. Last Monday I whipped up two units to photograph and didn’t follow up by cutting the rest. Can’t sew them if I haven’t cut them.
monday link up 003
 A stack of 20 cut, ready to get sewing.

monday link up 002And some sashing done on the framed nine patch. A really fun Batik for the sashing found at Mary Jo’s this summer. Decided to forgo the cornerstones and do just solid pieces crossways.

And a little shirt de-construction done on some great finds this week while out thrifting. As well as the shirts I found two great pieces of yardage to add to the stash.
monday link up 004
That’s it for the sewing time today. We are off to Toronto to pick our son up at the airport. Hopefully better driving weather than when we took him.
So before I go, I’m linking up with Bonnie  

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  1. I see you are participating in Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. I am watching it, but at present have opted not to participate. I really wanted to do Easy Street from last year, but never got very far in it. Pulled a couple of fabrics and that was it. Anxious to watch your progress!