Friday, 16 May 2014

Quilt Canada is coming,

and I am going. Hooray !

When I read on Quilter Kathy's blog post, back in March, that Quilt Canada was coming to Brock University I knew I had to go. Talk about close, that is right in my city barely 25 min. away. (No St. Catharines is not a big city but I am on the completely opposite side as the university ). There was no way all that quiltyness was coming here and I was missing out. As to how I missed hearing about it until March, I don’t  hang out with local quilters. Really. I’ve thought about going to the guild meeting and joining but somehow never get there.

Since I was so late registering, I figured I’d be best looking at the classes in mid-week, reasoning the most people would be coming on the weekend. And I wanted to find a class to learn something I’ve never tried before. So I’ve signed up for Gail Garber’s two day class  Goose is Loose. Flying geese in round, free form curves and freezer paper piecing. Sounds like a lot of fun.

There was some agonizing over which portable machine to take, since I have a selection now. The Featherweight would be the first choice but with the free form piecing, maybe the Singer 301 would be better. The slant needle giving more visibility. But the Kenmore 158.1450 in the rose covered case is so darn cute I wanted to show it off. Alas, turns out it is a moot point. Got an e-mail today with class details and right in 10 point arial the final word:

Sewing machines  – Sewing machines for Quilt Canada 2014 are very generously sponsored by Janome.  All classrooms will be set up by Janome and personal sewing machines will NOT be allowed.

Ah well, I guess I’ll suffer with the inconvenience of sewing on a brand new Janome 4120 QDC

Now to assemble the class supplies.  A shopping trip might be in the works for these items.

‘ 4” square ruler
‘ 1” by 6” or 1” by 12” transparent ruler
‘ 24” transparent ruler
‘ 24” or larger flexible curve
‘ 6” or 12” Add-a-Quarter ruler

‘ I do have a long ruler but not sure how long and can’t seem to find it right this minute  to check. And my square rulers are 6.5, 10.5, 12.5.  Okay, shopping trip to the Local Quilt Stores.


  1. first your solids project is awesome....i do love working with solids and in fact have a new project using them percolating in the gray matter right now! and have a blast at quilt canada....alas i have no passport so am landlocked in the lower 48....have been to canada many times but not recently under new sure and give us all the lowdown on your return...

  2. Oh, I sure hope you have a lovely time. I cannot manage the drive from Quebec at this time, sure wish I could be there though, so you simply must have a good time for me, and tell us all about it would be lovely if you can manage a few =)

    1. I certainly will try Shari, sorry you can't make it. I am thankful that right now I am able to do these sort of things, a few years ago this would have been too expensive for me.