Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wednesday Update

Oops, yes I know it is Thursday. Things got busy here yesterday and I wound up doing a lot of running around instead of writing this. We are trying to find a new/used car for DD2 and had to go check some out with her. But this darn clock change, wound up trying to check out cars in people’s driveways after dark, not a great set up.
So here is my progress on Celtic Solstice this week: finished the free motion quilting on the body of the quilt, did two rows of walking foot around the first border. Next up is some curves in the last border.
2014-11-06 002
I love looking at all the fabrics in this quilt.  They range in age from my oldest, purchased to make the Storm at Sea back in 1989, to brand new oranges purchased on our trip last autumn. And everything in between. I can’t wait to get it done and curl up in it.
For the times I can’t be on the “quilting” sewing machine, I have been working on the Pfefferneuse blocks from Bonnie’s book String Fling.  Getting enough put together to see the pattern forming on the design wall.
2014-11-06 001
I don’t know who will get this one. My DD2 loved it when back when the book arrived but she is now in love with Easy Street.  The problem being she loves almost every quilt. Maybe the other two kids wouldn’t mind if she gets two, or I will just have to make two quilts for them.

Now to do the linky thing with Jo's Country Junction


  1. Your Celtic Solstice looks good!

  2. The orange and blue really have a punch to them! And I know what you mean about using old stash fab's , kind of nostalgic! cheers, CW