Sunday, 9 August 2015

Class Time

Now to the whole reason for the travelling, classes with Bonnie and  Jo. There were two retreat centres. One in West Union and another in Oelwein. I was with the West Union group and we got Jo and her daughter Kelli as teachers first. They were fabulous instructors and great fun to be with.


 You can catch a glimpse behind them of the kitchen area of the retreat with all the comforts of home, plus a generous size table for eating right behind them. And another table with the checked cloth to the right. Lots of room to spread out.

Of course I had to get a photo with both of them.jokelli2

Boy, do I ever feel short. This is from day two when they taught us.

The first night was the trunk show down in Oelwein at the high school auditorium.








First Jo and Kelli told us how they became quilt designers and teachers. Then Bonnie explained her food chain of fabric, a rollicking talk that I highly recommend.


 I didn’t try to take pictures of every quilt she showed. Instead I focused on listening and enjoying being there.

Even if you never get to have a class with her, listening to her explain how to use every bit of  fabric you have paid so much for is fascinating.

It hit home today as I picked up a FQ while shopping for licence plates, thinking it would be 3-4 dollars like I’ve been seeing all trip. Unfortunately I’m back in Canada and it was really $7 !!

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