Monday, 12 December 2016

On Time and On Track

That’s my mission this week. To have my post ready on Monday for the link up with Bonnie at Quiltville and to have my clues on track.
Despite a busy, busy weekend I have managed to get a good start on Clue 3 plus finish off Clue 1.  So can call this a mission success.  A big help was the pile of purple that was sitting in my 2 inch bin. Back when I started doing Bonnie’s mysteries I didn’t have the scrap users system in place and would be forced to cut from yardage ( or fat quarters) on every clue.  Now when she says 2 inch or 2.5 or even 1.5, I can pull out a bin of strips and be off to the machine in no time at all.  An even bigger help this time was the mystery I was working  on back in September that used both dark purple and lavender which had caused me to increase my stash of those colours.
2016-12-12 10.21.34
No idea how many I have done to this point, I think about 30. This are ready to get pressed and counted in to stacks of ten.

And happy to report that all of Clue Two are present and accounted for.

Now off to link up while it is still Monday, Whoop Whoop
2016-12-07 10.38.03


  1. The magenta you've used is so pretty!

  2. Having lots of purple was handy! I had to buy a few pieces for that colour.