Monday, 3 December 2012

Mystery Monday #2

Here we are on clue number two on our mystery down Easy Street. I very excited to get clue number two, so excited I even logged on before leaving for work, something I never do. So I was ready to come home and get going. Adding to the excitement was my featherweight was home from the repairman and I was eager to see how she sewed.
So I popped her in her table and away we went. Cutting and sewing, using the other side of the table as a cutting station.

The next day my back was killing me. The table is too short to cut standing up. I couldn't even sit to sew it hurt too much.

Despite the setback, I was able to get 70 geese blocks done, and I have 120 four patches finished.
And during QuiltCam  on Sunday I was able to get the binding done on the Crayon Box quilt.

So now to link up with all the other mystery sewers over at Quiltville mystery-monday-link-up


  1. Great job Mary. Don't you just love your featherweight? Hope your back is feeling better now.

  2. Hope your back feels better! This is my first Bonnie Mystery, I have to tell you, this won't be my last. I'm really enjoying this.

  3. Love your Crayon Box quilt, I think I will try one sometime soon after Easy Street! Have fun with the mystery,hope your back is better soon.

  4. Waving from Pickering Mary your blocks look great! I do hope your back is better..tomorrow waiting for tomorrow