Monday, 10 December 2012

Mystery Monday #3

I'm doing a better job of keeping up with the clues this time. During Orca Bay I fell behind and never caught up. I did get it finished by June.
I was watching Quiltcam and cutting the white/black triangles Saturday night and ended up with 120 before I remembered it was supposed to be 64.
I have 12 completed and several in stages. I'm so glad Bonnie mentioned once on Quiltcam that she will throw in seersucker when she is doing a scrappy quilt. I found this lovely stripe in my stash and really wanted to include it but was worried how it would act in a quilt.  I cut 10 of the 3.5" triangles out of it and really like how it looks with the purple.
So now to link up with the rest over at Bonnie's mystery-monday-link-up-part-3.


  1. Lookin Good Mary. These colors really look fun together! Can't wait for Friday.

  2. Hey Mary, I like the colors in this. And I agree with Bonnie; a few odd balls create interest and add to the texture. My main criteria is that it has to Feel nice. Even some synthetics now dayys have a really nice feel to them so why not use 'um?! cheers, Claire W.

  3. Your patches look fantastic. Clue 4 is nearly here – woo hoo!