Wednesday, 5 December 2012

New to me

Quite a quilty day here. However I didn't make the same mistake as Friday, I kept moving between activities. A little sewing, a little ironing, a lot of laundry, variety in activity seems to work for my back pain.
And the new to me item?  A new table for my Singer 99. Her bentwood case was pretty beat up and I didn't have a key for it. So when we were picking up the featherweight from the repair man , DH and  he got to talking about all the other machines I have and what we were doing with them. A day later the sewing machine guy called and said he had a table for this one. We looked and we liked. So he gave the 99 a tune up, fixed her power cord and today we picked up the two of them.
They look really good together. Plus he had a manual for me.
Flying geese for Easy Street are done, just a few more 4 patches and I'm caught up. I've been using the Majestic Mountains as leader/enders and have a wall full of them. So much so, they are falling off .  Just a few more and I'll put them together.


  1. Hey Mary, You've been busy! Sorry I commented in so long, but it was fun catching up. I love the stars with space things and the scrappy quilt is very cute. The set-up for your singer loks great. Did you ever decide how you are going to refinish your treadle cabinet?! I'm very courious 'cause I have one too that needs refinishing. I love your new top picture. What city is that? Beautiful! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! cheers, CW

    1. Hi Claire, You've been busy too! That is us sailing towards Toronto, trying to race the rain. Treadle has been on hold as DH is swamped at work.