Friday, 7 December 2012

Sidetracked by Gift Idea

My progress on Easy Street has been sidetracked by an idea I had for a gift. Back in Septermber, I saw a neat idea for a mug rug on a blog.  She took a pretty hanky and turned it into an even prettier mug rug .I had an appliqued bridge tablecloth I was thinking of using. While it was in the washer getting freshened up (a little dingy from sitting unused for quite a while), I rooted through fabric looking for supplies. Managed to find the insulated batting I had purchased eons ago, and  a Moda turnover I hadn't found the right pattern to use in. And I found a stash of the salesman's samples my sister had given me two years ago. Most of those got used in my Scrappy Bargello but this bunch I had kept aside. It was the whole line of some fabric, all the different colourways and designs and I had wanted to use them together in  something but these samples were all smaller than FQs even.
Turned the turnover into hourglass units for the backing
Then I did a half log cabin with the sample fabric. The white is a border around the hourglass. Decided this was too big.
Took off the white border.  The last logs of the half log cabin worked better at being 1.5" rather than the 2" , this made it the same size as the back. Basically just making this up as I go along.

The too big one I quilted up and will keep for myself.
So this has been occuping my sewing time and distracting me.
Especially as one is not enough. DH thinks they should be a set of four and since they are for his mother I will make four.
Oh the tablecloth? Totally sidetracked, it was still in the washer. 


  1. Your mother in law will love them! Great colors! I, too, find I get sidetracked easily. I don't fight it; just go with the flow!

    I am thinking about doing Easy Street, also. But so far I have only printed off the directions and pulled the first 2 fabrics. At this point I figure it will be a new year's start.

  2. Hey Mary, I can totally relate! Side tracked is my middle name and Making-it-up-as-I-go-along is my motto! But I love your mug rug prototype. I've been doing potholders for holiday gifts. They are fun and so much easier than some other things I've got on the design wall. cheers, Claire W.